Browar Nook - Poland

And so, in September 2018, the Nook Brewery appeared on the market, and with it the first three beers: "Preliminary Phase", "Time for a break" and "After Traffic Jams"

Everyone has dreams in their lives. Some larger, others smaller. Some stories already have long beards, while others are just beginning to appear the first facial hair ;) This is the case with ours.

Curious who we are?

 We're a group of enthusiasts and professionals with many years of experience in the industry, who are strictly focused on a quality of beer.

 How we manage to do that?

 We brew our beers in a very modern, newly opened state of art brewery in Błonie.

Where are we from?

 Mostly from Warsaww, although we also have our own nice nook in Kielce.

P.S. Do you like relaxation and rest? We too! That is why we named our brewery Nook, which in Esperanto means "corner", "shelter"... Beer corner... What a daydream...


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