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When the SCHLOSSBRAUEREI MAXLRAIN castle brewery was mentioned in a document in 1636 for the first time, it was purely a brown ale“ brewery, this being customary at that time. A lot has changed since then but some fundamental things have never changed: the SCHLOSSBRAUEREI is and remains a home brewery, privately and independently managed.

The 16 beer specialties are still craft-brewed, whether pale ale, dark beer, pilsner or pale wheat beer, craft-brewing is still carried out using only the best ingredients and fresh and unique Alpine spring water from the Mangfall Valley.
Maxlrainer is one of only 12 breweries to the awarded the title of “Germany's Brewery of the Year ” twice
The SCHLOSSBRAUEREI MAXLRAIN has been subjecting itself to the DLG test for many years. The annual results impressively document the quality level of the Maxlrain specialities. All of the submitted beers have been awarded with the DLG-Gold award and the top grade in recent years.
The German breweries with the best DLG results have also been awarded the German Federal Award. Only 12 German breweries have been awarded this highest accolade by the German federation. The Schloss brauerei has been awarded the German Federal Prize on an annual basis since 2008.
No other brewery have had this award conferred on them more often. Maxlrainer is one of only 12 breweries to the awarded the title “Germany´s Brewery of the Year” twice.

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