The story of Maxlrainer

About us

When the SCHLOSSBRAUEREI MAXLRAIN castle brewery was mentioned in a document in 1636 for the first time, it was purely a brown ale“ brewery, this being customary at that time.

A lot has changed since then but some fundamental things have never changed: the SCHLOSSBRAUEREI is and remains a home brewery, privately and independently managed.

Our Project

The 16 beer specialties are still craft-brewed, whether pale ale, dark beer, pilsner or pale wheat beer, craft-brewing is still carried out using only the best ingredients and fresh and unique Alpine spring water from the Mangfall Valley

The SCHLOSSBRAUEREI only has 26 employees, some of whom have been committing themselves to your brew for decades.

The objectives are not profit maximisation or rapid growth, but solidity, reliability, sustainability and a striving for the highest product quality are what our actions are based on.

The fact that this quality standard speaks for itself is proven by the annual awarding with the DLG Gold award and the German Federal Award. This makes the small Schloss brauerei Maxlrain one of the breweries in Germany that has has the most award sconfer-red on it.


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