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Product Name Califia
ABV % 7.0
Size 20 x 500ml
Trzech Kumpli 
Style West coast IPA
Country Poland
Tasting Notes


Califia is a classic American India Pale Ale west coast USA. Bright,highly dry, solidly hopped and abundant in alcoholic power. Its captivating aroma comes from the wonderful American hops, thanks to which American craft brewing was reborn and its influence reached Europe.

Citrus fruits will burst out of the glass: grapefruit, oranges, lemons, limes and a pleasant, sweetish smell of bright malts.

In this beer, we wanted to express the spirit of California, the mini-homeland of the West Coast IPA style. Hence the name – Califia.

This is one of those beers that we work on the most – each new brew brings something new. We want to "pull" out of American hops what they have the best in themselves – a wonderful, crisp aroma to the last possible drop.

If you like dry, strong, definitely bitter and very, very aromatic beers, then Califia is for you.


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