Cidonio S.B.S. Belize 2005 Barrel Aged

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Product Name Cidonio S.B.S. Belize 2005 Barrel Aged
ABV % 10.3%
Size 330ml
Brewery Browar Nook
Style Imperial stout 
Country Poland 
Tasting Notes

Aged 10 months in a S.B.S. Belize 2005 rum barrel. Thanks to the usage of this barrel, our beer acquired a unique sweetness and smoothness derived from this rum, and as a whole it acquired notes of raisins, milk chocolate and orange marmalade.

Cidonio takes you on a long and mysterious journey into a hitherto unknown taste experience. This limited edition RIS Mysterious Garden is a dark and aromatic beer with a smooth tip with a hint of caramel coffee and chocolate. Exceptional and full of taste gives the process of aging in rum barrels S.B.S. Belize (S.B.S. Belize 2005) selected by the company 1423.