Ebono S.B.S. Trinidad 1993 Barrel Aged - Collectors box EDITION

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Product Name Ebono S.B.S. Trinidad 1993 Barrel Aged
ABV % 10.3
Size 300ml
Brewery Browar Nook
Style Imperial Stout 
Country Poland 
Tasting Notes

Russian imperil stout and aged for 10 months in a S.B.S. Trinidad rum barrel from 1993, that was emptied in 2019. Due to its intensive dark colour and strong aromas the rum itself was called " The Beast". Long maturation left uncommon and complex character of almonds, coffee and leather, which are clearly unique to this lost distillery.

Ebono takes you on a long and mysterious journey into a hitherto unknown taste experience. This limited edition RIS Mysterious Garden is a dark and aromatic beer with a smooth tip with a hint of caramel coffee and chocolate. Unique and full of taste gives the process of aging in barrels after the noble rum caroni from Trinidad (S.B.S. Trinidad 1993) selected by the company 1423.